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The Edge Nail Wrap Kit

The Edge Nail Kits

Price: £60.00ex VAT

Reference code: 117979
Availability: Available on request

The Edge Nail Wrap Kit.

This kit is a great starter or training kit, and an excellent introduction into the nail wrap system.

This tried and tested system will create thin and flexible, natural-looking nail enhancements, which combines fine mesh, specially formulated resin and instant activator setting spray to produce a beautiful, strong and durable nail enhancement.

- Resin 28g
- Activator Spray 50ml
- Silk Strip 46cm
- Sterilising Spray 60ml
- Acetone 60ml
- Stork Scissors
- Pink Tip Cutters
- 6” Manicure Sticks
- Cuticle Pusher
- Nail Fresh 100ml
- Tip blender
- 50x lint-free pads
- 10x spare nozzles
- 20x Olympic, 20x Active, 20x Ultra, 20x Big C and 20x French White Assorted Tips
- Duraboard 100/180 file, Duraboard 240/240 file, white block and jumbo buffer

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