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Head Jog 79 Pink Radial Brush 50mm

Head Jog Brushes and Combs

Price: £3.72ex VAT

Reference code: 123034
Availability: Limited stock

Product size: 50mm

Head Jog 79 - Pink - 50mm Radial.

The Head Jog Pink Range consists of five radial brushes (25mm, 33mm, 43mm, 50mm and 60mm) and a matching paddle brush.

The Pink Radial brushes feature ionic bristles and ceramic-coated barrels. Ionic technology replenishes moisture, minimises breakages and removes odour, while the ceramic barrel aids against static build up.

Barrel vent holes allow warm air to circulate at the roots of the hair for fast and effective blow-drying and styling.

Ergonomically designed handles for easy grip and maximum control, with a removable sectioning pick.

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