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Indola Permanent Caring Color - Natural & Essentials - 5.00

Indola Permanent Caring Color

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Product size: 60ml

Indola Permanent Caring Color Natural & Essentials - 5.00 Light Brown Intense Natural - 60ml.

Part of the Indola Permanent Caring Color Natural & Essentials range - a vast palette of permanent hair colour creams offering perfect coverage from exceptionally vibrant shades filled with long-lasting, blazing shine. Also includes 6 Creator shades designed for mixing truly bespoke colours.

Hair is cared for too, thanks to Indola's Smart Color Pixel Technology that uses a mix of amino and fatty acids to strengthen and moisturise the hair against the weakening effects of colouring. Indola Permanent Caring Color has an easy-mixing cream consistency that ensures even distribution and colour penetration, and is easy to rinse out.

All Indola Permanent Caring Color shades can be mixed with Indola Color Transformer to give a semi-permanent shade, offering superb flexibility.

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