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Australian Gold Iconic Kit

Australian Gold Bottles

Price: £199.95ex VAT

Reference code: 141138
Availability: Available on request

Australian Gold - Iconic Kit.

Updated for 2020, the Iconic Kit gives you a great taste of this year’s bestselling Iconic Collection lotions, as well as one new for 2020 lotion!

Excellent value salon kit containing a total of 18 Australian Gold bottles and 36 sachets from the Australian Gold Iconic Collection.

Kit contains:
- 3x Accelerator 250ml bottles
- 3x Bronze Accelerator 250ml bottles
- 3x Charmingly Black 250ml bottles
- 3x Cheeky Brown 250ml bottles
- 3x Dark Side 250ml bottles
- 3x Deviously Black 250ml bottles
- 6x Accelerator 15ml sachets
- 6x Bronze Accelerator 15ml sachets
- 6x Charmingly Black 15ml sachets
- 6x Cheeky Brown 15ml sachets
- 6x Dark Side 15ml sachets
- 6x Deviously Black 15ml sachets

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