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Total Results The Re-Bond Shampoo 300ml

Matrix Total Results

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Product size: 300ml

Matrix Total Results™ The Re-Bond Shampoo - 300ml.

Part of the Matrix Total Results™ The Re-Bond hair system.

Cleanses product build-up, priming hair for deep repair.

Repair your hair after damage from 3 lightening services with Total Results The Re-Bond system. The 3 step routine helps fortify weakened, over processed hair leaving it strengthened, revitalised and smooth.

Formulated with Citric Acid, Total Results Re-Bond Shampoo cleanses away previous product build-up leaving hair primed and ready for deep repair. Use as a system of Shampoo, Pre-Conditioner and Conditioner for maximum results.

Available in 50ml, 300ml and 1000ml bottles.

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