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Bond Ultim8 Step 1 Amplifier

Matrix Bond Ultim8

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Product size: 125ml

Matrix Bond Ultim8 Step 1 - Amplifier 125ml.

Step 1 - Amplifier treatment helps prevent breakage during lightening services. Dosed through a professional syringe and added into colour or lightener for bond protection.

Matrix Bond Utlim8 is a complete bond protecting system that can be used both during and after a professional hair colour or lightening service to protect and preserve bonds. The 3 Step system is a must-have for any colour-savvy salon.

The Bond Protecting System ensures that the hair is protected and the colour is preserved, providing peace of mind for any stylist, and satisfaction for clients who will come back time and time again.

Bond Ultim8 is also the only complete bond protecting system with 8 added benefits:
1. Helps protect bonds during colour and lightening.
2. Maintains expected lift.
3. No reformulation needed.
4. No additional time needed.
5. Helps prevent breakage.
6. Helps preserve hair fibres.
7. Deeply nourishes.
8. Hair looks healthier.

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