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Halo Acrylic Starter Kit

Halo Acrylic

Price: £52.99ex VAT

Reference code: 143030
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Acrylic Starter Kit from Halo.

Create the ultimate acrylic nail enhancements for every client with the Halo Acrylic System.

These HEMA-free acrylic powders are carefully sifted and flow-treated to deliver a crystal clear finish with exceptional strength, durability and brightness. The professional formula dries to a velvet consistency that requires less filing, helping you achieve a super fine finish.

Halo Acrylic Starter Kit contains:
- Halo Acrylic Liquid 100ml
- Halo Mega Bond 15ml
- Halo Acrylic Powder Clear 45g
- Halo Acrylic Powder Pink 45g
- Halo Acrylic Powder White 45g
- Halo Acrylic Powder Cover Pink 45g
- Halo Acrylic Powder Cover Peach 45g
- Halo Acrylic Powder Blush Pink 45g
- Instruction Leaflet

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