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ibd Control Gel Professional Kit

ibd Control Gel

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Control Gel Professional Kit from ibd.

ibd's latest innovation in nail enhancement technology, Control Gel.

Control Gel is a hybrid gel that eliminates all the complexities of Acrylic and Hard Gel through its simple premixed tube meaning that there is no need for a monomer. The only things you will need is a bottle of slip solution, a brush and a spatula.

Providing a lighter alternative to both acrylic and hard gels without sacrificing strength, Control Gel is also odourless and is perfect for beginners due to its slightly self-levelling formula.

Professional Kit includes:
- ibd Control Gel Clear 56g
- ibd Control Gel White 56g
- ibd Control Gel Intense White 56g
- ibd Control Gel Cool Pink 56g
- ibd Control Gel Warm Pink 56g
- ibd Control Gel Natural 56g
- ibd Control Gel Solution 147ml
- ibd Powerbond 14ml
- ibd LED/UV Intense Seal 14ml
- ibd Dehydrate 14ml
- ibd Control Gel Spatula
- ibd Control Gel Brush

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