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YS Park - Tail Comb - 122 - White

Y.S. Park

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YS Park 122 in White - 250mm.

Extra-long metal pin tail comb made from durable Ultem plastic, which is 428°F resistant. Smooth and strong, and specially sized for all cutting needs. Engineered with gradually-decreasing pitch to facilitate even tension on the hair.

This comb has an extra long pintail for cleaner, straighter partings and sections. 10 inches in length! Smooth and strong. Built from durable ultem-plastic, which is 428°F resistant. Specially-sized for all cutting needs.

- Extra-long metal pin tail comb for wider foils.
- Short first tooth for easy sectioning.
- Measurement guide with grip holes at 1cm increments.

Also available in Red and Carbon (Black).

Not available online

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