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YS Park - Clipper Comb - 280 - White

Y.S. Park

Price: £13.33ex VAT

Reference code: 144487
Availability: Available on request

YS Park 280 in White - 195mm.

A cleverly designed cross between a standard cutting comb and a clipper comb, the YS Park 280 is designed to give barbers a single tool that covers both scissor and clipper work.

The spine features YS Park's signature section holes spaced at centimetre intervals making it simple to measure even sections. The teeth have a gradual pitch (2-mm thick at the edge, 3.8-mm thick at the spine) that gives an even, secure hold on each hair section.

- Concave top designed to establish 90º from anywhere on the scalp.
- Strong comb teeth with flexible spine and body.
- Unique handle allows for many types of grip.
- Textured handle and star-shaped holes prevent slipping.

Also available in Carbon (Black).

Not available online

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