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2AM London The Usual Suspects - Basic B*tch

2AM London Gel Polish

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Reference code: 144839
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Product size: 7.5ml

2AM London - Basic B*tch Base Coat 7.5ml.

Part of the 2AM Usual Suspects Collection, including base and top coats.

These are 2AM London gels and they won’t just make your talons awesome, they’ll empower you to take on this f**ked-up world and take no prisoners doing it. These gels are about being in control; about knowing what you want and how to get it – at work, at home, at play. And they’re not taking anyone’s BS, ever.

2AM is fully-compliant, contains no nasties and is 100% gel. Lasts 2-3 weeks and cures in just 30 seconds under LED lamps.

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