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BROW FX RETAIL - Brow Pencil & Grooming Brush - Charcoal

Hi Brow Pens and Pencils

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Product size: 0.3g

Hi Brow Pencil & Grooming Brush - Charcoal - 0.3g.

Boasting a special waterproof, long-lasting formula, this double-ended eyebrow pencil allows individual hair strokes to be drawn across the brow area, helping to create a look that will last from the moment you apply until the end of your day.

The pencil has a precision tip perfect for creating clean lines in your brow, while the slanted edge of the pencil will allow you to fill in larger areas quickly and easily. It also has a mascara brush end for softening and blending.

Available in Charcoal, Warm Dark Brown, Cool Dark Brown, Medium Brown and Light Brown.

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