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Head Jog 08 Straw Brush Display (12pc)

Head Jog Brushes and Combs

Price: £36.00ex VAT

Reference code: 145505
Availability: Limited stock

Product size: 12pc

Head Jog 08 Straw Brush 12-piece display.

- 3x 08 Straw Brush Heather
- 3x 08 Straw Brush Mint
- 3x 08 Straw Brush Oatmeal
- 3x 08 Straw Brush Sage
- Retail Display

Environmentally friendly natural hair brushes made from bio-material obtained from renewable biomass such as straw, rice husk and plastic. During production the increment of carbon emission is zero therefore reducing C02 emission.

Flexible soft pin bristles massage your scalp and have high resilience. The bristles are kinder to the hair with less breakage and can be used as a detangling brush for wet or dry hair.

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