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DISICIDE - Laundry Disinfectant


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Product size: 1000ml

DISICIDE - Laundry Disinfectant

A laundry disinfectant product that kills bacteria and virus' when washing at 30°c instead of 60°c therefore saving energy and increasing the life of fabrics.

Vegan, water based and solvent free product.

Disinfects towels, gowns, and other textiles and fabrics found in hair and beauty salons, spas, barbershops and hotels. The product does not contain bleach and therefore can be used on all colours of fabrics.

The unique product is proven effective against virus and bacteria in accordance with EU regulation EN 13697.

How to Use: Use detergent and softener as usual, add 50ml of Disicide Laundry per wash in softener compartment and wash at 30°c - 40°c. A measuring cup is included for convenience. If there are no visible stains on your laundry then you can skip the detergent and softener and use the Disicide Laundry concentrate only.

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